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Principal's Message

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While the origin of the word is not easily ascertained, “Jurong” has come to embody, for modern-day Singaporeans, the spirit of our nation’s endeavour towards betterment. “Jurong” could be likened to the furnace in which the tools for building our independent economy were forged. “Jurong” was the engine that propelled our fledgling nation forward in our road towards nationhood.

While “Jurong” embodies industry and grit, “Pioneer” honours those who contributed to the realisation of big dreams through their adventurous and entrepreneurial lives. It celebrates those who took actions in times of uncertainty and surmounted challenges by inventing fresh approaches in uncharted waters.

Put together, the pair resonate with almost tautological effect, in celebration of big dreams and immense courage. Thus defining the character of our school – Jurong Pioneer Junior College.

The idea of merging eight colleges was a big surprise for many. The mechanics of the merger was complicated. But most of all, the web of relationships caught up in the merger was inextricable. Treading on the grounds of such sensitivities, the staff of Jurong Pioneer Junior College faces a paramount challenge: To breathe life into its name and the grand ambition it exudes.

No roadmaps can guide us on this journey. But our shared beliefs will act as our compass as we work hard to retain the best of both colleges and from them, we fashion the Best of the West – the shared aspiration articulated by the staff of Jurong Pioneer Junior College at our inaugural Staff Meeting.

Laying the groundwork for this momentous task, we acknowledged that both Jurong and Pioneer take great pride in our culture of inclusivity and our embrace of students who aspire to achieve beyond the limits as defined by their past encounters. Both colleges have been dedicated to nurturing students with strong commitment to enduring values that will bolster their role as active learners and caring members of our community. With the integration of good practices by our teachers who are resolute in our shared belief to be empowering and life-giving, we strive to provide a robust and dynamic curriculum that enhances the minds and faculties of our students so that they will be frontrunners in the next lap.

The merger may be perceived as a destructive force that demolishes the achievements of both colleges by those whose response to the inevitable change is confined to achievements of the past. For those of us who recognise the transience of past glory and see our humble role in the evolution of education, we draw strength from our past, from our supporters, from our team members and most importantly, from our shared aspiration for the future.

Change is the only constant in life. One’s ability to adapt to those changes will determine your success in life. (Benjamin Franklin)

Jurong Pioneer Junior College is the change we must now surmount. Join me.

Yours sincerely,
Dr Hang Kim Hoo
Jurong Pioneer Junior College